Earth Day S.F. 2012
San Francisco, California
Douglas Kolberg, EDSF Producer Civic Center Plaza

Earth Day San Francisco™ (EDSF) is a FREE community event designed to educate and activate the public on environmental issues and sustainable practices in a celebratory manner that relates to the citizens of the Greater Bay Area and planet Earth.

The first Earth Day S.F. annual festival at Civic Center Plaza in 2011 was a fantastic success on all levels, and is now re-uniting dozens of local and global partners to co-create Earth Day SF 2012.

Earth Day S.F.  is a collective effort of extraordinary event producers, visionary artists & musicians, community based organizations, the City of San Francisco, SF Parks & Rec, all dedicated to preserving our beloved mother earth. Partners and supporting organizations include One World One Voice, the Presidio Graduate School, the Pachamama Alliance, the Sustainable Living Road Show and many, many more!  

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Posted by itPoster2 on 4/15/2012    
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Earth Day S.F. 2012

I had a good time at Earth Day S.F.!  There was a stage with a variety of performances, the sound booth was solar powered. There were mavendors selling their wares.

I loved the Whiskey Drunk Cycles and their vehicular contraptions, as well as the Sonic Portal where you could sit inside a circle of various gongs.

The recycled fashion show was very inventive – I was amazed at the creativity.

All told, it was an interesting, educational, and enjoyable experience!

Whiskey Drome

Posted by Lorelei on 4/28/2012    
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