Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
Dallas, Texas

Surrender to an age of bravery and honor and witness epic battles of steel and steed during our ALL-NEW SHOW. From ringside seats, discover a feast of the eyes and appetite with more action, more fun & more excitement than ever before.

As you thrill to a rousing live jousting tournament, marvel at awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry, Medieval Times serves a four-course meal fit for royalty

 The menu includes:
  • Tomato Bisque
  • Focaccia Bread with Olive Oil and Seasoning
  • Oven-Roasted Chicken
  • Larger BBQ Spare Rib
  • Herb-Basted Potato Split into Two Quarters
  • Braided Apple Strudel
  • Larger Beverage Servings and Coffee
 Hang on to your helmet. The show is about to begin.
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