Ke$ha – Get $leazy Tour, Miami
Miami, Florida
Bayfront Park Amphitheater

The Get Sleazy Tour (stylized as Get $leazy Tour) was the first concert tour by American recording artist Kesha in support of her first extended play, Cannibal.

Described by Kesha as “a ridiculously fun dance party”, the concerts were presented as underground rave ups drawing inspiration from her earlier life when she was growing up in Tennessee where she would attend parties. The tour kicked off on February 15, 2011 in Portland, Oregon

“Visually it will just be assaulting, and sonically it will be assaulting. It’s just going to be an assault of all your senses, but it’s going to be really, really, really fun, [...] I want people to feel like they’ve come to my house party, and they can be the most raw and visceral version of themselves and not be judged. I want my show to be a place you can come and dress like a maniac and wear mental makeup, and it’s totally cool.”

Opening with the concerts title track “Sleazy”, Kesha, wearing glasses outlined by an arrangement of lights, a black leotard encrusted with rhinestones and diamonds, appears in the middle of a large structure in the shape of a diamond where she acts as the nights DJ. Surrounded by her band and background dancers, seen wearing clothing described as a blend between “Mad Max and [...] prehistoric birds”, she remains in the structure while transitioning into the following song, “Take It Off”. She performs the next two songs, “Fuck Him He’s a DJ” and “Dirty Picture”, in the structure as she presses buttons that set different synths into motion and plays on percussion boards. By the concerts fifth song “Blow”, she emerges from the structure and takes center stage shooting glitter cannons at the audience.During “Cannibal”, Kesha, now wearing an American flag ensemble with black ripped fishnets, proceeds to tie up one of her male dancers to an X-shaped post. She then proceeds to pull a glowing red heart from the dancer’s chest as fake blood covers herself and the man. For the final part of the evening, Kesha changes into a rhinestone infused skeleton bodysuit. The suit was also worn by Kesha when she kickstarted on the inaugural Conan Summer Concert Series. She later asks for a “man who enjoys being abused” from the audience, she bring him onto the stage then duct tapes him to a chair, giving him a lap dance as she sings her song “Grow a Pear”. As she sings a background dancer dressed as a penis then joins Kesha and the man on stage, dancing and jumping around. The concert is ended with “Tik Tok” and encore consisting of “We R Who We R” and Beastie Boys track, “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)”.

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