Lady Gaga – Monster Ball Tour, Oakland
Oakland, California
Oracle Arena
Lady Gaga, Scissor Sisters

The Monster Ball Tour was the second worldwide concert tour by American recording artist Lady Gaga. Staged in support of her album The Fame Monster (2009) and comprising a set list of songs from that and her debut album The Fame (2008), the tour visited arenas and stadiums from 2009 through 2011. Described as “the first-ever pop electro opera” by Gaga, the tour was announced in October 2009 after an intended joint concert tour with hip-hop artist Kanye West was suddenly canceled. The Monster Ball Tour commenced four days after the release of The Fame Monster, in November 2009.

The [revised] show was divided into four sections: City, Subway, Forest, Monster Ball and concluded with an encore. It began with a projected video onto a curtain—which contained images of Gaga smoking a cigarette—while a club remix of “Dance in the Dark” played. Surrounded by violet light, her silhouette appeared on the curtain while she performed “Dance in the Dark”. Once the curtain was removed and the chorus reached, the New York cityscape and neon lights were revealed. Gaga gyrated on the set dressed in a “futuristic, angular, glitter ball suit”. After descending from her fire escape, she poked around in the hood of a dilapidated green Rolls Royce while performing “Glitter and Grease”. Upon checking under the vehicle’s bonnet, Gaga revealed a keyboard and began to play the opening notes of “Just Dance”. Gaga then performed “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” while scaling various pieces of scaffolding and subsequently “The Fame” where she rose from beneath the stage and played her keytar Emma, wearing a giant red cape.

“LoveGame” saw the beginning of the Subway section, with Gaga wearing a translucent nun’s habit, and a skeletal hand. The song was performed with the aid of a gilded subway car and a “disco stick” while her next number “Boys Boys Boys” featured muscly male dancers cavorting in spandex shorts. After a costume change, Gaga burst into “Money Honey” with an extended keytar solo after emerging from beneath the stage as the New York scenery disappeared around her. As she walked towards the Glitter way, Gaga recalls when she was in jail and her friend Beyoncé bailed her out, thus performing the song “Telephone”. A piano is then brought in and Gaga goes into the song “Brown Eyes”, after which she performs “Speechless”. This segment also saw the performance of “You and I” in some of the shows; the song was later added to Gaga’s second studio album, Born This Way. During this song, she tells the audience about her life as a teen in New York, and how she became who she is today. Gaga and her friends then continue down the Glitter Way, and soon they run into an angel, who plays a tune that summons a twister, taking them closer to the Monster Ball, but landing them in a strange place that they did not know. Gaga sings “So Happy I Could Die”, decked in a white dress, that moves on its own accord.

The third segment begins with Gaga returning on the stage and singing “Monster”, inside a forest with black, thorn-like trees. Her dancers conglomerate around her near the end and Gaga reveals herself to be covered with blood. She then states that the thing she hates more than money is the truth and performs “Teeth”, while introducing her band. Gaga and her friends then find the Eternal Fountain, which pours out red colored liquid and Gaga explains that it bleeds for anyone. She starts singing “Alejandro” while jumping into the fountain and singing, as blood pours over her.

Gaga then returns and sings “Poker Face”. After the performance, she and her friends find themselves in a dark place, and after some dialogue, Gaga’s friends run off, leaving her alone to dealwith the Fame Monster, a giant angler fish. Gaga starts singing “Paparazzi” and eventually kills the Fame Monster by shooting sparks from her pyrotechnic bra and underwear. She then leaves for the Monster Ball and after appearing there, Gaga performs “Bad Romance” while standing inside a giant gyroscope.

Lady Gaga: Monster Ball: Just Dance/Beautiful Dirty Rich/Vanity

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